The Fractal Gallery had their grand opening on May 23, 2012.
By Mara Acosta

The event started at 4 O'clock and people started walking in yet,  they didn't just walk in to a gallery, they walked in to an ambiance that felt like home. The music felt like a Hawaiin breeze that makes you sigh in content. The guest enjoyed the comfortable and stylish eco foam furniture by Janna Phillips f or Bohmod while feasting their eyes with Eric R. Doolin art. 
Among their guest were Maria Foskaris, Rachelle Carson Begley, Michell Timmons, Grace Nicholson, Karl Schoher, Laura Doolin, Tamara Henry and many more. All were very please and excited about the Los Angeles Fractal Gallery. 

If you were not able to make it to our grand opening we invite you to come for a reception and send off of Eric R Doolin to the introduction of The Sixteenth Letter and Bohmod on June 9th at 4 pm - 10 pm visit us at 1884 Sepulveda Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90025 rsvp to 

Bohmod - will soon be available at The Fractal Gallery Los Angeles, Ca March 2012.

EMMY’S 2011: Green Pavillion Expo “Save Our Planet”

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By Suzanne Von Schaack

It was like a “Three Ring Circus”!!!!! Watch The Video

Hollywood, Ca. (Hollywood Today) 9/16/11—The event was held at the Peterson Automotive Museum in the Penthouse. At the entrance of the Peterson Automotive Museum, was the exhibit of the Spyker 2012 luxury top-flight custom racing car.  Nothing to say about it but WOW!!  As we entered the Museum we just had to take a quick peek at the vintage cars on display.  Definitely worth a trip to Mid-Wilshire to have a look, for sure!

As we exited the elevator to the Penthouse we were met with a breathtaking 360 degree view of Los Angeles. The Alive Expo Green Pavilion which was a Mix Media event was litteraly like a “Three Ring Circus” with VIP guests introducing their eco-friendly and luxury brands.

Smart Media a Green Technology  publication was on board promoting their slogan ” ONLY YOU..Can Save Energy!”  Their goal is to conquer one city at a time by educating people on how to save energy.  They were giving out a CD Video Magazine published by the non-profit Green Technology with funding and support in part from the American Re-investment and Recovery Act (ARR) along with many other supporters invovled in the energy world.

I spoke with Janna Phillips creator of “Bohmod” which is bohemian modern furniture.  I must say that she really raised my awareness about how important it is to buy furniture that not only lasts a long time but that can be recycled after you are done with it.  Her furniture is covered with hemp fabric which is made of a natural fiber.  The furniture’s foundation is made of foam.—–  Totally of foam with no metal or frame at all.  It is very comfortable as well as durable and easy to recover.  Once you are done with it—it can be shredded and used for other things as a recycled product.  I loved the furniture.  Very good find.

At the Alive! gift suite celebrating the 2011 EMMYS, exclusive interview with Bohmod furniture owner Janna Philllips

By Gabrielle Pantera

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Today) 9/28/2011 – “It’s a line I created to come up with a better eco-friendly, Earth-friendly way of furniture,” says Bohmod Furniture owner Jann Philllips. “I thought people need a simpler solution. Foam is wonderful. It’s really all you need.”


Eco-Luxury designs: Three designers you should know

Janna Phillips, Eric Doolin and Jenda Michl
Three talented and creative designers on the eco-luxe scene

The ALIVE! Expo Green Pavilion/Mix Media Emmy lounge brought out a lot more than beauty and fashion this year. Janna Phillips owner/designer of Bohmod, Eric Doolin, owner/designer/artist of The Fractal Gallery, and Jenda Michl (Vertu Studio Inc) impressed guests with their unique and brilliant furniture designs made from all  eco-friendly materials. Janna Phillips, who often works together with partner Eric Doolin definitely knows how to create an eco-luxurious environment. As incredibly talented designers these two design for comfort and healthy living. On a moments notice they combined several pieces from Bohmod and The Fractal Gallery providing guests with all the comforts on home so they could get a little R & R from all the gifting and gabbing. One of my favorite things about Janna's pieces is that you can move them around easily and they're very functional. Eric's end tables and benches had mini planters built in. It was a nice indoor/outdoor touch.

Outside Jenda Michl's Flexist Bench offered guests a place to sit back and enjoy the 360 degree view from the roof top of the museum. Looks can be deceiving but this cool and unusual bench is extremely comfortable. It's perfect for anyone with eclectic taste and a large patio area. It can be designed more specific to meet your personal needs, or even made as a chaise lounge; add some pillows and you're set.

If you'd like to see more from these clever and gifted designers please check out their websites:, and

Janna Phillips and Beverly Mitchell
 planter bench from The Fractal Gallery bench
 Jenda Michl's Flexist Bench
 moon lounge from Bohmod

Oil paintings by Eric Doolin


In the pursuit of finding ways that green can be couture Bohmod's creator Janna Phillips now introduces a new line of factory style couture furniture
designed from findings found at various factories and suppliers...This collection was designed specifically for members, more designs ansd styles will be available either as one of a kind or one a kind sets.

Our vote for the absolute coolest product at las vegas market hands down!!!

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Janna Phillips has created what we think is one of the coolest furniture lines, completely from foam. She’s created fun, stylish pieces of furniture from blocks of eco-friendly foam, but the best part is the versatility of this line.

Janna’s a veteran in the world of upholstery, having worked for manufacturers, and having owned a successful retail store in the H.D. Buttercup “manutailer” showroom in the Helms Bakery district in Los Angeles.

I’ve always felt that sofas and upholstered furniture was cool, but limited.  What happens when things change and you’ve got a different space?  I’ve always wanted to create things that can adapt to your life and perform other functions

Janna's furniture showroom is like a playground of cool stuff to lounge on

What was once one brick of foam is now four separate pieces that can sit as one as an alternative to a coffee table, 

Need a few extra seats in a pinch? Just grab one of the end pieces, flip it on end and there you go. (The center pieces shown there in stripes could tilt up on end and work well at the end of a bed, or anywhere else for that matter)

That is the best part of Janna’s creations.  They can perform several different functions just by re-arranging them.  Such simple, primitive shapes, used in whole new ways.  Genius!

A loveseat sized chair. Remove the wege behind it for a more laid back rocker, or tilt the wedge up for a more upright chair. Shown in-between, at the "medium setting". Think that's cool? Flip that semi-circular piece on end and you've got a bar. That's right, a bar. This eco-friendly foam is firm and supportive, yet comfortable to sit on.


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